Alkemors Tower

Search the magic book with magic spells at the Alkemors Tower slot machine. Brew the right drinks and discover amazing spells. The Alkemors Tower is a free online casino slot from Betsoft with 243 win combinations (no fixed lines). Combine the magic potions with different elements from nature on the reels.
Delve into the mysteries of the arcane with the wizard himself. Seek the Astrology and Nature rooms. Cast magical spells featuring the four classic elements of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.
Dazzlingly detailed in a perfectly perfected style, Alkemor’s Tower marks another page in our never-ending journey to fuse the most incredible 3D graphics available with an exciting and pleasurable slot. Featuring a FOUR ELEMENTS wild features, and both NATURE and ASTROLOGY game reels, this game is rich with FX, cinematic transitions and clean, smooth slot machine gameplay.
Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water are the four classic elements. When each elemental bottle combines with the Magic Book, your element will be chosen and the wizard will cast an epic element spell, effecting the symbols on the reels. Truly amazing visual FX will make each spell a treat to enjoy.
Enter the Cosmos or Nature rooms in the tower to enter a whole new world! Pouring water, shifting planets and brand new features that can only be found within these rooms. Can you see all parts of the tower?