Magic Poker

Magic Poker is a table game released by Wazdan and during this game you need a real pokerface. Magic Poker is a casino game full of excitement and to start the game you have to place your bet. The first 5 cards will turned over. So if you want to hold a card, you have to click on the card. The other cards will be replaced by clicking the start button. If you have a winning hand, the prize will be paid. The super prize of 800x your total bet can also be won with a 5 of-a-kind. In this game you will get a lot of chances to win big prizes. You can score when you have 2 pairs, or a 3 of-a-kind, a straight, a flush and so on. Put on your pokerface and have a lot of fun while you’re playing the table game online.

Categorie: Poker, Table Games, Wazdan